Quarantine Companion

Welcome to Quarantine Companion, an inspiring crisis companion game.

The Concept

The measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, while saving lives, have a huge negative impact on our daily and social life.
Quarantine Companion, a game by three students at the Cologne Game Lab, seeks to reduce the stress induced by these measures, and provide playful activities and new routines to do while distancing.
Three tasks based on expert recommendations for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic are sent out over the day. Completing the tasks will allow you to customize the game to your interests.
Complete the tasks, rebuild routines, reconnect to your loved ones and make it through these tough times.

unlockable Items

After completing all challenges of the day, you get to choose one of three randomly selected upgrade items. The items allow you to form habits around things you actually like doing. Likewise, if you don't like certain activities, for instance household chores, you can usually just avoid picking that item.

Inspiring tasks

The unlockable tasks are based on your collected items. Tasks are adapted to the daytime and weather conditions and randomized, to ensure that they are always executable and engaging. Currently, we have 90 unique tasks, with over 250 variations.

Meaningful Progression

Quarantine Companion will not be another motivation app, that fills your phone with endless push notifications. Once you don't complete all your tasks, the game ends, and you need to start again. Progression becomes meaningful, and motivates you to keep going.

Where to get it

Quarantine Companion currently can not launch on the Play Store, due to their Covid-19 content filter. However, you can play the game online, or download it for Android above.

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Quarantine Companion

Welcome to Quarantine Companion, an inspiring crisis companion game, made by 3 Cologne Game Lab students.

About us

We are Caro, David and Daniel, three Digital Games students at the Cologne Game Lab, faculty of the TH Cologne. Early March, we set ourselves the ambitious goal to use our Game Dev skills, to create a game, that will have a positive impact on people during this crisis.
Charlotte, an English-Studies, major at the University Cologne joined us at the beginning of May, to help with localization.


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